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Let's Get Moving 

"It's like riding a bike, you never forget" 

"The most fun I've
had in ages"

About Us 

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As we age it's important to find ways to stay fit and mentally engaged. Recumbent Trikes are simple to operate, loads of fun and accessible to all physical capabilities and ages.

Electric pedal-assisted trikes make cruising a breeze.


Let me guide you along some of the best nature trails in & around

Maryland and Washington DC.


"The view from this seat is incredible"


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As a young boy, my most vivid and fondest memories were of my many adventures on a bicycle. I grew up on a 21 acre equestrian center in rural South Africa about 20 miles north of the bustling city of Johannesburg.


Bikes have played a huge role in my life. I've raced mountain-bikes and road bikes across 2 continents, both SA and here in Washington DC. In 2015 I finished the Leadville 100 mountain bike adventure, raced the inaugural African Cape Epic, toured Ireland by bike and have been a bicycle commuter for over 10 years.


I have discovered as I slow down on racing efforts, and look more toward leisurely-type cycling, how wonderful the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and surrounds are for pedal-powered adventure-seeking people of ALL ages and abilities.


I stumbled upon recumbent trikes by chance, and from my first play in the parking lot of a recumbent trike dealer-well, I was hooked.

I bought a used Catrike Villager-a small, well-balanced delight of a trike. I installed a mild electric-powered, pedal-assist in a kit form-and boom-I’m truly hooked! 


I, then imported, at great expense two of the best of British Ice Adventure trikes to add to the fleet. The steering so precise, brakes that work- a wonderful feeling of speed. Truly brilliant trikes in design, function, and finish and worth every penny. 

So many really adventurous, scenic trips done and more to come, so effortless, comfortable yet as hard a workout as you choose for yourself.




Recumbent triking adventures await. 





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Cell: 240 383 7323
Chevy chase, Maryland 20815
Washington DC
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