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                                                  LET'S GET MOVING. 


I take pride in accommodating a diverse range of customers, each with unique needs and motivations. My mission is to make the great outdoors accessible to everyone, and I'm deeply committed to transforming lives through the joy of cycling.

From those seeking a fun, active adventure to individuals in various stages of recovery, the doors are open to all. I've had the privilege of serving customers with amputations, Parkinson's disease, double knee-replacements, nerve disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, and many more. My tailored approach ensures that each customer's specific requirements are met, fostering recovery, renewed interest in physical activity, and a sense of empowerment.


Explore our 'Success Stories' page for inspiring accounts of triumph and transformation, a testament to the resilience of my clients and the joy of cycling.


  • This is the perfect place to start for those considering ownership of ...

    1 hr

    From 60 US dollars
  • View the Potomac river and historic C&O Canal, from the luxurious recu...

    2 hr

    From 95 US dollars
  • Enjoy a mix of history, great food and natural beauty with a lazy crui...

    6 hr

    From 130 US dollars
  • Exercise while soaking up the sunshine and sample the seafood offering...

    6 hr

    From 130 US dollars
  • A unique opportunity to take in the history, the splendor, the very sp...

    2 hr

    From 115 US dollars
  • Reclaiming Mobility, Restoring Joy, and Reconnecting with Nature. Your...

    1 hr

    75 US dollars

Hi there, I'm Wayne

As a child, my most cherished memories revolved around two wheels and the thrill of adventure. Growing up on a sprawling equestrian center in rural South Africa, my love for bikes began. From racing mountain and road bikes across continents to touring Ireland by bike, cycling has been a constant companion.

In my journey through the world of cycling, I stumbled upon recumbent trikes by chance, and that moment transformed my perspective on exploration. I purchased a Catrike Villager, added a pedal-assist kit, and the experience was nothing short of magical.

Today, I've expanded our fleet to include the finest British Ice Adventure trikes. These trikes offer precision steering, reliable brakes, and an incredible sense of speed. It's about adventures that are effortless, comfortable, and as exhilarating as you desire, open to adventurers of ALL ages and abilities.

At Trike My Way, I care deeply about making the beauty of Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and the surrounding areas accessible to everyone. My mission is to provide recumbent triking adventures that unlock the thrill of exploration and forge connections. Join me and ride beyond boundaries today!



Adventure awaits – reach out and let's start planning!

I'm just a message away!

Whether you're eager to explore the scenic landscapes or have questions about any tours, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Reach out today, and let's start planning your next adventure!


Call: (240) 383 7323

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Call me or fill in the enquiry form to discuss how I can help to get you or someone you love outdoors, either for some mild exercise after an illness, surgery or just for the adventure of it all.

You’re never, as I’ve discovered, too old to ride a trike.

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