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The Full Story

I'm dedicated to making outdoor experiences accessible to all, and I'm here to help you create your success story. Dive into these remarkable tales and be inspired to embark on your own unique adventure with me.


“Thank you for being a partner in my recovery journey."

I was asked by a female customer to help her regain strength after a double knee-replacement. 


Her two surgeries were completed just a few months apart, and just 3 weeks after the second, I was asked to supplement her often-times painful indoor rehab sessions, with a recumbent trike ride. Her goal was to get back to riding. 

A special set of pedals with the ability to restrict the range of movement was installed, in keeping with the kind of regimen experienced at your average physiotherapy session on a stationary bike.

Two 15-minute sessions, 2-weeks apart, spinning gently around the parking lot with the added help of the electric pedal-assist motor at it’s lowest setting, and we were ready for our first real ride. This was a delightful calm 5-mile ride along the mostly flat Washington DC Mall.


Two more rides followed, along the Rock Creek trail to a coffee shop break and back to the car. By now, she had progressed to standard bicycle pedals using up her full range of motion, and 10-mile rides were achieved!

With regular indoor spin sessions and the occasional bike or trike ride, she will be back to full health ready for a summer of biking adventures.

“I haven't been riding in so long, this  feels so good."

It’s 2014-in her mid 40’s, employed in a government job, active and healthy, Brenda started feeling sensations in her legs and upper extremities.

She was diagnosed with an unknown nerve disorder which within 1 year after diagnosis, has left her unable to walk more than a few steps at a time and not in full control of her arms and upper body. Brenda had to give up her love of biking and hiking, something she did regularly in DC and Virginia.

She called me to see if I was willing to let her try out a trike, not sure if her body would allow her to operate the gears, brakes, and pedals.

I love a challenge and agreed to meet her for a trial ride-well, the rest is history!


Brenda showed her tenacity straight away, her love of the outdoors, being active, and her will to ‘give it a go’. Within a matter of minutes, she was doing laps of our meeting site and by the end of our time together-achieved over 30 minutes of effort!

Pleased to say that we’ve been on more rides since and already I’m convinced that Brenda can own and operate her own recumbent trike, returning some of her lost freedoms. Our next goal is to purchase a used trike for Brenda and to help her on her way back to an active, independent lifestyle.


Martin's MS Journey

Martin, now age 57 was diagnosed with MS in 1997.

It took almost 20 years before symptoms started to appear, tingling sensations in his arms and legs - balance and walking became an issue soon.

Austrian born and a keen hiker, his desire for the outdoors is strong. I met Martin through an acquaintance at a social event, asked him if he’d like to try a recumbent trike ride, the caveat, I suggested, is that we ride to a pub! He agreed, we rode to the local brewpub, 7 Locks, for a pint and he loved the experience.


​It was not easy going, even with electric pedal-assistance, the hills required his full commitment. The initial ride renewed his interest in activity and he decided to sign back up for his physiotherapy sessions, which he had neglected. His physiotherapist has noticed some improvement in balance and walking, and is pushing Martin even harder now in their weekly sessions.

We meet as many times a month as we can for a short jaunt to the pub, grab a pint, back down the hill, home-short, but sweet!

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